10 Ways to Build Your 2015 Business Right Now

The year is coming to a close and the seasonal slowdown is a perfect time to reflect upon the New Year and begin building your 2015 real estate and title processing business.  The following 10 tips are a great way to start.


1. Remember the Basics

Basic marketing skills never die.  Call previous customers or expired listings, knock on doors, enhance your database and offer your services to potential clients.


2. Database Cultivation

Keep your database up-to-date and add new people weekly or at least monthly. Upload your database to a solid content relations management platform and take advantage of the automatic marketing features.


3. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Don’t shy away from contacting previous clients and offering them a new CMA, especially if it’s been several years since you sold them their home.  Even if they’re not currently interested, you are offering value, interesting facts, and maintaining that relationship when they are ready to sell or purchase again.


4. Plan Ahead

Review your last year of business in order to make projections and plans for 2015. A careful look will show your strengths and weaknesses and enable you to see where you can improve.


5. Follow Up

Check the statistics on who is opening your eNewsletter. Tracking the behaviors of recipients equips you to reach out to them with customized content.


6. Neighborhood Meet up

Your neighborhood is frequently an untapped customer source. Get to know those who are in your vicinity by using a local social media platform such as or that lets you join or create groups in your geographical area.


7. Online Social Mixes

It’s equally important to use social media. Build trust and loyalty with your online friends by engaging and interacting in a way that offers value and establishes a relationship.


8. Hold an Event

Hosting a gathering earns respect and shows your appreciation. Pick loyal customers and throw a holiday cookie party or ugly sweater gathering.  Have some fun, gives thanks, and referrals will be pouring in.


9. Give Gifts

If you have a stockpile of odds and ends that promote business, such as pens and coffee cups, give them away. People love freebies and feeling special will make them more likely to call you.


10. Find New Prospects

Visit a new place for lunch and strike up a conversation with new acquaintances. Similarly, you can get involved with a local club or join a softball team. There are many ways to find new contacts.  By putting these tips in action, you’ll start boosting next year’s business now.


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