Information for Buyers and Sellers during the Closing Process

At Settlements, Ltd., we offer buyer and seller services to make the closing process simple and seamless, and we prioritize the quality of each transaction, treating each one as our own. To assist our clients, we’ve prepared a guide to walk buyers and sellers through each step of the process. Please see it below:

For Buyers

  • First, fill out our Buyer Questionnaire, which provides information and directions to you concerning all the documents you’ll need to close promptly. Access it here.
  • Immediately after signing your agreement of sale, apply for a mortgage and homeowner’s insurance policy, the acceptable amount of which will be dictated by your lender. You may also purchase additional homeowner’s insurance, but, should you do so, be sure to obtain the exact wording of it from your loan officer.
  • Also begin the process of completing the inspections you selected when you signed your agreement of sale.
  • Decide whether or not to have a survey of the property you’re purchasing performed. It’s in your best interest to have a survey completed before the closing if you plan to make alterations to the property in the future.
  • Once you’re ready to close, you’ll be required to bring certified funds to the closing in the amount instructed, with the check made out to Settlements, Ltd. Closings should take approximately 1 hour.

It’s very important to check with your bank at least several weeks in advance to determine how long it will take to access your funds. If wiring money is necessary, check with Settlements, Ltd. for more information at least two weeks ahead of time.

Additionally, please contact your lender and Settlement, Ltd. if you cannot attend the closing to go over appropriate procedures and materials.

Click here for a last-minute closing checklist for buyers and sellers.

For Sellers

  • First, fill out the Seller Questionnaire, which provides information and directions to you concerning all the documents you will need to close promptly. Access it here.
  • Once you and your agent have sold your house, but before you entirely clean out your property, check for the following documents:
    • your deed of the property
    • your title insurance policy and HUD 1 from the purchase of your property
    • your loan documents for any mortgages or home equity lines of credit you have on the property.

    These documents are very important in dealing with potential title issues and to obtain payoff information from your lender.

  • You will also need to provide us with personal information for your loans, so please contact us. You will need to provide a signed Authorization form to obtain a payoff.Note: If you’re experiencing financial difficulties and your loan is in danger of foreclosure, or, if you will not realize sufficient proceeds from the sale of the property to pay your loans in full, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY.
  • Check up on your area’s requirements for those selling their homes. Click the link here to learn the requirements of your particular location.
  • Additionally, make sure you coordinate with your agent concerning the appropriate time to order your final readings for all utilities, as you want to have them transferred to the new owners, not terminated.
  • Settlements, Ltd. requires an escrow to cover the estimated amount of all current and final bills for lienable utilities and to cover the completion of work-in-process on the property (if applicable). Click here to view our escrow funds form.
  • You and the seller are responsible for the preparation of the new deed, and Settlements, Ltd. or a private attorney may prepare it for you.
  • Please schedule plenty of time to completely move and clean up your home before the final walkthrough with buyers just prior to closing, and prepare for the closing to take approximately one hour to complete.

Click here for a last-minute closing checklist for buyers and sellers.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information, please contact Settlements, Ltd. 412-922-6095; fax 412-922-3515; email